October 14, 2018

Boats & Other Donations

Boat Donations

We will be accepting donated boats for the program, as well as to sell to support the program. We need small boats, kayaks, and row boats for use in the program – even if you want to keep your boat, but come use it to train us, we appreciate it all! We need projects to show the scouts how to work on the boats!

Please contact us for more information as we are just getting our feet wet in doing so!

Other Donations

We would love to accept all boating related items: life jackets, epirbs, two-way radios, and more!

We like to teach the scouts about safety, and have all types of aids on hand to do so. We conduct man overboard drills and first aid scenarios!

We also need other items: we wish to create a ‘landship’ for ceremonies, see the pic below, we always need tables and chairs for events, EZ-up tents (or similar), clipboards, pens, printed items/brochures. If you can think of it, we need it! If you can help get items printed for us – we need those types of services as well! We do have a gold membership to West marine, and gift cards will be accepted! Marine paint is expensive! $$$